Frequently Asked Questions

This is gathering various questions that are often asked (mostly in the Discord channel) and their answers.

This page will be updated as new questions arise.

How to change the default font?

You do that by assigning a font asset id in the settings at project initialization:

Changing default font
class Project extends Entity {

    function new(settings:InitSettings) {


        settings.defaultFont = Fonts.YOUR_FONT;



The font YOUR_FONT is an example of font asset. Read the text guide for more info.

How to change the current main scene?

You change the main scene by assigning a new one to app.scenes.main.

Changing the current scene
var yourScene = new Scene();
app.scenes.main = yourScene;

How to do text input?

if you want to make some text field editable, you do that using ceramic.Text and attaching a ceramic.EditText component to it:

Text input
var someText = new Text();
someText.color = Color.WHITE;
someText.content = 'someContent';

var selectionColor = Color.BLUE;
var textCursorColor = Color.WHITE;
var editText = new EditText(selectionColor, textCursorColor);
someText.component('editText', editText);

editText.onStart(this, () -> {
    // Started editing text

editText.onUpdate(this, text -> {
    trace('text updated: ' + text);

editText.onSubmit(this, () -> {
    // Edited then pressed "enter" or similar

editText.onStop(this, () -> {
    // Stopped editing text

Ceramic is missing haxe libraries

Some users are getting missing haxe libraries errors similar to this one:

Error: Library earcut is not installed

It can happen if you accidentally installed an outdated version of haxelib on your computer.

To verify this, run this on a terminal to retrieve current haxelib version:

Retrieve haxelib version
haxelib version

If the version is 3.3.0 or below, you've got an older version of haxelib installed.

To fix the issue, uninstall this haxelib with the following command:

Uninstall outdated haxelib
haxelib remove haxelib --system

Your computer should now use a more recent haxelib, the one bundled with your (more recent) haxe installation and Ceramic should find the missing libraries!

How to use hxScout with Ceramic?

You can download hxScout, which is a profiling utility for Haxe C++ apps. Ceramic supports it when using clay native targets.

In order to use it, first, install hxtelemetry haxe library from your project root:

haxelib install hxtelemetry

Next, in ceramic.yml, enable telemetry:

    if (windows || mac || linux):
            - hxtelemetry

            - HXCPP_DEBUG_LINK
            - HXCPP_STACK_TRACE
            - HXCPP_TELEMETRY

Then, open hxScout app so that it is ready to record new data.

Finally, build and run your Ceramic app, which should connect to hxScout automatically.

You may need to delete the out/ directory of your project before building with telemetry enabled, to be sure everything is re-built properly with correct telemetry code.