Click on the demo to modify the map and test how auto-tiling works.

Check the previous tilemap sample if you don't know how to create a tilemap from code.

Another tilemap sample (using tilemap plugin again). This time, showcasing how to use auto-tiling and how to create a very simple in-game map editor.

The ceramic.AutoTiler component is plugged to a tilemap layer. That auto-tiler will choose the right tile at each location depending its sibling tiles.

Auto Tile

A capture of the autotile image used for this demo (download the original here)

Enable auto-tiling
// Enable auto-tiling
layerData.component(new AutoTiler([{
    // The kind of auto-tiling to use
    kind: EXPANDED_47,
    // The corresponding "first gid" to apply auto-tiling on
    gid: 1

Using ceramic.TilemapEditor component, you can enable a very basic tilemap editor directly in game.

Make the tilemap editable
// Make this tilemap editable
tilemap.component(new TilemapEditor('main', 1, 0));

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