@:value(cast 1)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlySHOULD_LOOP:AudioSourceFlags = 1

The instances from this audio source should loop

@:value(cast 2)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlySINGLE_INSTANCE:AudioSourceFlags = 2

Only one instance of this audio source should play at the same time

@:value(cast 4)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyVISUALIZATION_DATA:AudioSourceFlags = 4

Visualization data gathering enabled. Only for busses.

@:value(cast 8)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyPROCESS_3D:AudioSourceFlags = 8

Audio instances created from this source are affected by 3d processing

@:value(cast 16)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyLISTENER_RELATIVE:AudioSourceFlags = 16

Audio instances created from this source have listener-relative 3d coordinates

@:value(cast 32)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyDISTANCE_DELAY:AudioSourceFlags = 32

Delay start of sound by the distance from listener

@:value(cast 64)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyINAUDIBLE_KILL:AudioSourceFlags = 64

If inaudible, should be killed (default)

@:value(cast 128)@:impl@:enuminlineread onlyINAUDIBLE_TICK:AudioSourceFlags = 128

If inaudible, should still be ticked (default = pause)