Inherited Events

Defined by Entity



Inherited Variables

Defined by Entity

read onlyhasData:Bool

@:value(null)id:String = null

read onlydestroyed:Bool

read onlydisposed:Bool

@:value(null)read onlyautoruns:Array<Autorun> = null

@editablecomponents:ReadOnlyMap<String, Component>

Public components mapping. Contain components created separately with component() or macro-based components as well.


Available with script plugin


Available with script plugin

Inherited Methods

Defined by Entity


Destroy this entity. This method is automatically protected from duplicate calls. That means calling multiple times an entity's destroy() method will run the destroy code only one time. As soon as destroy() is called, the entity is marked destroyed=true, even when calling destroy() method on a subclass (a macro is inserting a code to mark the object as destroyed at the beginning of every destroy() override function.


Schedules destroy, at the end of the current frame.


Remove all events handlers from this entity.

autorun(run:() ‑> Void, ?afterRun:() ‑> Void):Autorun

Creates a new Autorun instance with the given callback associated with the current entity.



The run callback


The autorun instance

tween(?easing:Easing, duration:Float, fromValue:Float, toValue:Float, update:(Float, Float) ‑> Void):Tween

component<C>(?name:String, ?component:Null<C>):C